Esteemed Fellow Citizens,


Esteemed Fellow Citizens,

In the tapestry of our beloved Somaliland, a gem of resilience and progress shines brightly,

despite our relatively modest geographical expanse. For three decades, we have nurtured and

cherished a state of unparalleled peace and stability, a rare treasure in our tumultuous world. Yet,

today, shadows of instability loom over certain regions within our homeland, casting a somber

hue over our shared aspirations.

In these challenging times, let us reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the values of peace,

unity, and the equitable treatment of all our citizens. We are a nation forged in the crucible of

shared history and collective identity, where every individual, regardless of their background,

stands as an equal stakeholder in our common destiny.

Our citizens, united by the shared desire for tranquility and prosperity, yearn for a swift

resolution to the challenges faced by regions such as Las Anod and El Afwey. It is our solemn

duty to explore non-military, inclusive, and just solutions that address the root causes of

instability, fostering an environment where every voice is heard, and every concern is considered.


In this endeavor, unity must be our lodestar. We shall navigate these turbulent waters by

embracing dialogue, diplomacy, and the principles of justice. By doing so, we shall rekindle the

flame of peace and stability in every corner of our land.

Let us remember that the strength of our nation lies not in the clank of weapons, but in the

harmony of our diverse voices. Through collective effort and a shared commitment to resolve

differences amicably, we can transform these trials into stepping stones toward a brighter, more

prosperous future for Somaliland.

In the spirit of unity, hope, and inclusivity, we pledge to work hand in hand to restore the

tranquility our citizens cherish, ensuring that our nation remains a shining example of resilience

and progress for the world to admire.

With profound optimism and unity,

BY; Ali A. Hori, M.Ed

San Diego, CA.



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