It Is Time To Recognize Somaliland!


It Is Time To Recognize Somaliland!

The long lasting disregard of the meritorious and overdue  recognition of somaliland by the international community contributed the flood of the international terrorism in Lascanood of Somaliland lately.


The international community’s disregard of Somaliland’s meritorious and overdue recognition is a major part of the instability of the region.

Recognition of somaliland will surely be the main contributor to sustainable peace and stability in the region.

The international community dropped the ball in respect of the overdue recognition of somaliland.The attacks against somaliland coming from multiple entities in the region is because of the peace, stability and Democracy somaliland has achieved without obtained recognition. Because somalia and others failed to realize that milestone while they are even recognized states and somaliland is not.That is another factor of destabilization of the somali peninsula!

The on going security cooperation between somaliland and the United States of America is what triggered and accelerated the new attacks against somaliland by somalia and her American and other countries trained army along with Alshabab and Puntland army as well as their tribal Militias.

Puntland, the regional state of somalia’s militia, with aliens of Alshabab in Lascanood city of somaliland, the Chinese and somalia proper itself, found a common strategy to attack somaliland and destabilize her for their different purposes and goals! Most likely it is because of the new somaliland and American security cooperation

The geopolitics were in play in the recent attach against somaliland. China was reportedly involved financially and intelligence activities. Somaliland chose American relationship over China but the Americans are playing a passive bystander in the somalia, Alshabab attach along China’s direct or indirect financial and intelligence support. America left somaliland in the lurch in this geopolitical game!

What amounts to the following was attributed to Henry Kissinger,” if you mess with America you are in trouble, and if you trust America you are also in trouble!” Has somaliland trusted America too much?

If that is the case we see it happening to somaliland, for they are still sticking to their wrong and unfair policy of ” one somalia policy!”

Somaliland not only curbed but stopped Alshabab terrorism, as well as sea piracy which plagued somalia so many years until today. All these evil activities and more are directed to somaliland. The Alshabab terrorist are planning to lay  their eggs in Lascanood of the Republic of somaliland with the help of Puntland, tribal elders in Lascanood and somalia. All that is happening because of the lack of Recognition!

Somaliland however, withstood  the negligence from the international community and all the attacks from somalia and lately from Alshabab who formed  Aliens with Puntland regional state of somalia and elements from somalia proper in Lascanood war.

Many thoughtful and seasoned politicians and diplomats warned years ago against exactly what is happening to somaliland to day from inside and from outside.

Those experts warned that “somaliland can not endure for ever, living as a stable and democratic Republic, in an unstable and war-torn countries, surrounding her, with out international Recognition”.

“Somaliland must be recognized as she rightfully and meritouriously deserves that” the said experts advised the international community, and that is what I am advocating  now, and that is what is what somaliland wants to happen now.

The IC didn’t heed their advice thus far! They didn’t consider somaliland’s persistent call either for their rightful Recognition.

The international community definitely dropped the ball on somaliland case. Peaceful Stable and democratic Somaliland lives in an unstable and none democratic governments in a volatile region as an unrecognized state, status!

That is a hurdle for her, that is disadvantageous and that is unfair to the young Republic of somaliland. She endured so long.

She achieved so much which the recognized ones couldn’t! No question the IC was never part of the solution, they were not fair. I think it is now for them to review their files  regards to somaliland case and recognize somaliland NOW. It is time to Recognize somaliland.

Recognition of somaliland will further contribute peace and the stability in the region, therefore Recognition of somaliland is the answer to defeat Alshabab and stabilize the unstable region particularly somalia. Does it sound strange? It must not. It is an untested path towards stabilizing the ailing horn of Africa.

BY; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead




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